5 Decor Ideas to Please your Guests


The 2023 Wedding Season has been awesomely insightful and full of great creative clients who dared to experiment and try various ideas for their weddings. Let’s see what light-bulb moments we shared. If you wish to have some of those for your wedding, I’ll be happy to oblige. 

Parasols. Hiding from the scorching sun under a parasol reminds of the old film scenes with beautiful ladies having their me time. Nowadays, parasols have become a popular decorative element at weddings. Paper or lace, white or coloured – they will be a wonderful addition to the hot Italian summer. They will surprise and delight your guests. These flimsy things not only protect you from the sun, but become great props for beautiful photos of the bride with her bridesmaids. 

Tambourines are an oriental tradition that has caught on well at weddings all over the world, including Italy. Tambourines can be used as direction signs to the guests’ seats – it is enough to write the guest’s name beautifully on each tambourine (we use calligraphy for this purpose) and put it on their place at the table. Get ready for a resounding accompaniment to your wedding dinner!

Personalised shots. A shot isn’t just a shot if you have it customised with a name card. We use small pegs to attach a card with the guest’s name to each shot.  Having a drink in this case will not be random, each guest will find exactly their own shot. Last time there were tequila shots. What drink will you choose?

Welcome Mirror. You can greet your guests not with a traditional welcome card decorated with flowers, but with a funny welcome mirror. A large mirror installed in the aperitif area will help your guests to fix their hair, and the vinyl inscription on the mirror will be a call for action. “You look gorgeous. Now go grab a drink”.

Fruit Favours are a great idea for a pre-wedding dinner or for a party the day after the wedding. We use small berry baskets, fill them with blueberries or raspberries etc. and decorate the fruit station beautifully. Your guests can take the fruit basket with them – it will leave a nice impression and make the evening sweet and colourful.