Before and After Wedding Activities

5 activities for you and your guests

Welcome Dinner. This dinner is organised on the eve of the wedding. The guests who have travelled to the wedding, and sometimes they come from all over the world, enjoy spending the evening before the wedding in a warm and friendly atmosphere, meeting old friends or getting to know each other, generally having a good time. The couple usually give a welcome speech thanking the guests for taking the time to come to their wedding. The Welcome Dinner is also often referred to as the Rehearsal Dinner, which is basically a rehearsal for the upcoming wedding reception.

Pool Party. Partying at the pool is perfect for the day after the wedding. Let your guests relax after a busy day, refresh in the pool, enjoy cocktails and ice cream. The party goes on! Fun music, cool decor and good food will create a great vibe. Last time we used white balloons, inflatable swans and unicorns. As for catering, a delicious BBQ dinner usually finishes the party.

Cooking Class. A popular experience for anyone travelling to Italy, your guests will be no exception. Give them a cooking class the day before or after the wedding. During the cooking class guests will learn how to cook pasta and other Italian dishes, get to know each other and just have fun.

Wine Tasting. Taking guests to an Italian wine tasting is a great idea! Some venues have their own wineries, so the tasting can be held right there, e.g. on the day the guests arrive. Take guests to a cool cellar so they can savour the full range of Italian wines, from light crispy spumante to sophisticated aged reds and delectable dessert wines.

Boat Tour. Celebrating your wedding on the seaside? Make the most of this opportunity and ask your wedding planner to organise a boat tour. An experienced skipper will take you to beautiful places and show you true gems of the Italian seas, a light aperitif on board will be nice as well. Bon voyage!