Plan B for Your Wedding: Why Is It Important?

Why we make a detailed Plan B for all weddings

Summer 2023 was an unusual summer in Italy. Heavy rains in June jeopardised outdoor weddings and forced wedding planners to have a plan B for almost every wedding – that is, options for the ceremony and the reception in case of bad weather.

Plan B is to be prepared well in advance. The wedding planner examines the venue and suggests possible options for the wedding. A wedding can be fully indoors or partially outdoors, for example it is possible to have tents installed outside. These are most often used for the wedding reception when the interior space of the venue does not allow accommodating all the invited guests.

Set Up for the ceremony can be inside a villa or a borgo. Authentic interiors will add some zest to the ceremony and can be as much fun as the outside. The wedding planner will find a venue that will accommodate most of the guests at the ceremony. Of course, it’s great if Plan B does not come in handy, but it’s still a must. Not having a Plan B for contingencies will make all hell break loose on the wedding day and can derail the timeline and ruin the big ideas you have prepared. That’s why we make a detailed Plan B for every wedding so that nothing can wreak havoc on the big day of your life.