Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2024

Here are some fresh ideas you might like

Audio Guest Book. The wishes of friends and family can now be received not only in writing, but also as recorded audio messages. Audio Guest Book was steadily replacing the classic notebook in 2023, and the trend will definitely continue in 2024. Your guests pick up the phone and record their wishes to you, you get the recording after the wedding. The old-style dial phone will also be an original decoration for your wedding.

Bold Colours for floral design. In the 2023 season, some of my weddings featured very bright colours. Multicoloured roses on the arch and in the bride’s bouquet looked gorgeous. Expect the trend to continue in 2024 – bright colours in design will create a fun mood and make your wedding stand out.

Elopement and Micro Weddings. I am getting more and more requests for elopements and more intimate weddings and I think this trend will continue in 2024. Life is getting more expensive and it has become really costly to have a big wedding. Couples are choosing to celebrate the main event in their lives as a couple, or by inviting only the closest people. Such elopement turns out to be a very romantic adventure. Micro-weddings are usually held for 10-15 people in a cosy place where the most important people in your life can share your happy day.

Food Corner is the hit of the season. I’m sure 2024 themed corners will be even more popular. It can be a meat-only or a cheese-only corner, a panini or frutti corner, and for dessert, treat your guests to a donut corner or its Italian counterpart, bomboloni.

Immersive Guest Experience. Honeymooners are thinking more and more about how to entertain their guests. It’s a steady trend that didn’t start yesterday, but it manifests itself differently every year. Immersive shows are the new twist. It can be some Latin dance, a mini-play, a music show or any other performance where the guests become 100% involved – you won’t get bored!

Painter. It is not only the photos and films that can capture the highlights of a wedding. Paintings are back in fashion. It is becoming more and more popular to invite an artist to the wedding. They will make a sketch or draw a portrait of the couple. This will be an interesting entertainment for guests and the drawing will be a great memorabilia or investment, who knows what the future holds.

Personalised Details. A wedding is a celebration of love for the two and personalised details are a reminder of this. These can be large initials of the couple’s names, initials and the wedding date on welcome bags or bomboniere, on the cake or even on the newlyweds’ chairs. Not only the initials can make your wedding feel more personalised, but also some items that are associated with the hobbies or profession of the newlyweds.

Champagne Tower. A tower of glasses filled with champagne will add some sparkle and glamour to the wedding and will be a fun entertainment for the newlyweds and their guests. The champagne tower is gaining popularity with my clients. Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot? The choice is yours!

Creative Wedding Arches. Traditional arches are still trendy, but at the same time there is a growing demand for installation arches or ground arches where all the decoration is centred on the floor. Arches are also changing their shape, it doesn’t have to be just a round or square arch, it can be shaped as a triangle or even a diamond. A creative arch will create a wow effect for your guests.

Storytelling. The wedding day as a story. My clients are asking for storytelling more and more often. We are taking this request very seriously when making arrangements with photographers, videographers and all other vendors involved in the process of preparing the wedding day. We need to tell the story of the couple, their relationship, all the preparations for the ceremony and the celebration itself to convey their mood and emotions. My event boutique loves this trend, and I am sure there are more fascinating wedding stories to come in 2024.