Blessing: Married Twice

Why Blessing Ceremonies Became So Popular

Last season I have received many requests for a Blessing in Italy. The ritual of exchanging vows is common among couples who are already married and want to declare their feelings once again. The tradition originated in the 1960s. The first Blessing ceremony was held in Seoul, South Korea, for several dozen couples at once. 

I see the reason for the increased demand for Blessing in Italy in the following. During the COVID-19 pandemic many couples went through a real test. A long quarantine stay in a confined space, illness and passing away of relatives and friends took its toll on everyone. These events test the couple’s power, and those of them who have gone through this harsh lesson realise that their feelings have become stronger and the relationship has cemented. One couple for whom I arranged the Blessing ceremony said they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and reinforced that intention with words spoken at a symbolic ceremony in Italy. 

Blessing is a much more intimate ceremony, usually performed in a smaller circle of only the closest people. It looks similar to a symbolic wedding ceremony, which the wedding planner arranges in villas, castles, beautiful hotels, overlooking the city or picturesque landscapes, sea or lake. During the blessing ceremony, couples renew their vows, say important words, exchange rings again. Blessing can be accompanied by music, singing or poetry recitals.  

Considering that the first blessing ceremonies were performed in a church, the wedding planner in Italy sticks to the tradition and often organises blessings at the request of clients in a Catholic church. The Blessing becomes truly vivid and memorable!