5 Reasons to Get Married in Italy

What Italy Has to Offer

The choice of a wedding venue is the first step in your romantic journey into a new life. Your love story is evolving into a new phase, and you are preparing to say ‘I do’ to the person you have chosen with all your heart. Discover Italy to welcome you into the blissful chapter of married life.

Reason number 1. A huge variety of locations Italy has to offer. Will it be a villa in the Tuscan hills or a castle on the seashore, an authentic medieval village or the eternal city to which all roads lead? Italy is so diverse! Be it hilly wine-infused Tuscany or mountainous Dolomites, sultry Naples or star-studded Florence with its art galleries, Italy will blow your mind with landscapes, world masterpieces of art, architecture and, surely, Mediterranean cuisine. The choice of places for your dream wedding event is huge and you are sure to find something to your fastidious taste. Another perk of getting married in Italy is a large number of quaint Catholic churches where you can have a wedding ceremony or a vow exchange ceremony. And the Italian traditions, which are different in every region, will make the wedding a truly touching and memorable story.

Reason number 2. Climate. Weddings in Italy take place all year round due to a mild Mediterranean climate. In the summer, you can hide from the heat at the sea or in the mountains. In spring, the blooming nature provides a perfect background for wedding photography, whereas in the fall, it is best to enjoy the splendour and magic of big cities, especially so that the heat has already subsided. Even in winter, weddings in Italy are in high demand. There is a chance to see deserted Venice, for example. You can have a feast in Italy in any weather, modern comfortable venues allow you to take shelter from the rain, cool down in the heat and warm up in a cosy room while swirling some nice wine in a glass.

Reason number 3. Gastronomic and wine experiences. I once asked my customer what he remembered most about your Italian experience. And the answer was ‘our dinner’. The astounding diversity of Italian regions puts a spin on the cuisine, your destination wedding will take most advantage from every location. Whatever you choose, it will always be of excellent quality – dishes whose generation-proven recipes have been handed down for centuries, or world-famous ambrosial Italian wines. The mouth-watering Florentine steak, risotto from the north of Italy or savoury seafood from the south – wherever you go, take my word for it, Italian cuisine will never disappoint. 

Reason number 4. Discover Italy on a perfect honeymoon. After celebrating their wedding in Italy, most of my clients spend their honeymoon here. A wedding in Italy is a perfect reason for many to spend a vacation here, to invite guests who have also dreamt of an Italian vacation, to visit iconic places. The Uffizi Gallery? The Roman Colosseum? Yachting in Sardinia? It is up to you what destination to choose for your honeymoon. My agency ITALEA aspires to charge your vacation with a new meaning, creating your unforgettable dream event and planning your next vacation!

Reason number 5. Quality event-planning industry. The competition in the event business in Italy is fierce, which ensures we, the wedding planners, excel every minute to surpass our clients’ expectations. This approach sets the bar high, helping us develop, strengthen our brand and offer clients tailor-made services. The quality standards of wedding planners in Italy are sky-high, which makes us improve relentlessly. We have only one goal – the client is to be pleased, pleased as Punch! My event boutique ITALEA organises custom events which allow the clients to express their true individuality and free spirit. I always share my creative vision on how to best arrange a wedding so that it will be remembered for the lifetime.