Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

The question why I should hire a wedding planner has some reasonable answers. For starters, the wedding planners have been arranging grand wedding events since time immemorial. They holistically approach to tackling this mind-boggling task, they develop the concept of the event, plan it, find providers and make sure everything goes according to plan against all possible odds. So, here are a few reasons to put your dream event in Italy in safe hands.

Language and communication. Not all Italians can speak English or can explain something in fine details in English, and we all know how meticulous you must be about finer things. If it is a large villa where you have planned to arrange a holiday, you are most likely to find a local manager with a good command of English. But what if it is, say, a private florist or a small borgo? There is a risk that you will have to explain what you wish in Italian. When ordering services from providers, you often have to talk to them on the phone, and it is best to have your own person on site to deal with that. 

Constant control and attention to details. The event planner monitors every detail, his good name and reputation depend on ensuring that the driver is on time, the table is set and decorated properly, the quality of food is superb, and the wedding cake wows everyone. My clients are fastidious and thorough, and sometimes ask for the moonI. I do my best to meet their every demand so that they can fully enjoy their long-awaited event. 

Discounts. It is very common for service providers to offer good discounts to event planners rather than a client who approaches them directly. The wedding is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event and the client may apply once, whereas the event agency will bring clients on a regular basis, so the providers are willing to offer better prices with the expectation of long-term cooperation. Another perk of my agency is that it does not have any hidden fees, prices for services are direct from suppliers and take into account all the maximum discounts.